Guiding Wind as example of intuitive mechanic

Perfect game mechanic it’s a key to keep player in interest without efforts. Unfortunately, I don’t know none of these. But I know about good and bad mechanics and that means we can classify mechanic as good or bad. How? By some features. And one feature, which for me describer mechanic as good - intuitiveness.

And to be more precise - simplicity of using. For me, mechanic which usings is such simple, that player even don’t notice that he/she using this mechanic is a great proof that mechanic works perfectly. As example - Guiding Wind from Ghost Of Tsushima.

Wind is using as navigator. It can help you to find not only path to current quest, but also some points of interests, like Shrines or Hot springs. To use this mechanic, and to see a path, you should swipe up on the touchpad. Sounds like somethings easy? What if I told you that you event need to swipe to use this mechanic?

Well, game environment will lead you through. Foliage merge with wind and create whole path to the selected point together. For example, grass bends under wind and show side where you should go.

That means, that in theory you can pass the game with no swiping up. Because after getting new quest, guiding wind used automaticcly. And after “generating” your path, you can forgot about using this mechanic, because game will take care of you, and will direct you by environment. And of course, you can use this mechanic by yourself, to find point of interest. And using of this is so simple and enjoyable.